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Learning through a Lens, Literally

Learning through a Lens, Literally

When a picture takes hold of a moment, it can have the power to take hold of us. In that split second visual journalist Alexandria Polanosky takes a picture, the moment transforms into a story. Working toward a photojournalism degree at Ohio University, Polanosky came to the world of photography during her last two years in high school. “When I started applying for colleges, I realized I could do [photography] for a job. That’s how I kind of fell into photojournalism here,” the Pittsburgh native said during our interview.

But it’s not just the act of capturing moments that Polanosky cares about. It’s about the moments themselves and the stories that each captured moment unravels. With these stories come new connections with the people she meets. “I really love getting to meet so many people in the community and being involved in so many organizations,” she continued. With a strong interest in documenting agriculture and food, Alexandria has been using her talents to help promote Live Healthy Appalachia’s mission of healthy eating and active living.

Covering LHA’s events and programs, like the Kitchen Bazaar and LHK Coaches, Polanosky has learned about what goes on in the community. “And just from listening [while photographing a CHIP class], I learn so much, especially with aspects of nutrition,” she continued. “I like seeing how community members are being helped and noticing the intersection between LHA and the community.”

It is through her self-initiated photo projects that Polanosky has been able to see the unique qualities in each place she visits and in the people she meets. Her passion for telling stories through photographs and videos has opened new places for exploration beyond the university’s grounds. “You shouldn’t go to school and have just the university and be in solitude, especially when you’re in such an incredible town like Athens. This major has allowed me to meet so many people and get involved in so many organizations and recognize what’s happening outside of school because the county, the city, and the university are all so different from each other.”

To learn more about Alexandria Polanosky and view her portfolio, visit her website

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