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Mood-Lifting Program for Seniors to Begin February 2021

We have received the grant to host The Athens Lift Project, an exciting mood-lifting program! We are gearing this program towards senior citizens in our community, considering the majority of seniors suffer from depression (according to the CDC) and seniors have also been the worst-hit demographic during the pandemic. They are in need of support and care and Live Healthy Appalachia is stepping up for the cause.

The Lift Project was developed by Dr. Darren Morton in Australia and consists of 10 video lessons, accompanied by links to supplementary videos, such as TEDTalks, and articles. Each of the 10 lessons is followed-up by a “Challenge,” or action or behavior to start incorporating into your life. For me, these Challenges are what cements the lessons into your mind and facilitates learning by doing.

I can’t wait for The Athens Lift Project to begin in February 2021! Thank you to the Athens County Foundation for awarding us this grant!

Thank you to our community partners and sponsors!

  • Dean Heating & Cooling
    Dean Heating & Cooling
  • OU Credit Union
    OU Credit Union
  • Athens County Ohio
    Athens County Ohio
  • Sister's Health Foundation
    Sister's Health Foundation
  • Integrated Services
    Integrated Services
  • AmeriCorps

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