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Live Healthy Appalachia is testing plant-based recipes, so you don't have to!

We only share recipes that we have tried and tested to make sure they are easy to follow and delicious to eat.

We endorse these recipes and the sources. We encourage you to explore other recipes on their sites for more tasty dishes.

1 Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew (West African-Inspired)

from Minimalist Baker

Dana is the mastermind behind Minimalist Baker. She is the primary recipe developer, content creator, and food photographer for her site. She has been blogging since 2010. Dana’s food philosophy has evolved greatly over the last several years, and she now enjoys a diverse diet free from labels.

Minimalist Baker celebrates simple cooking by sharing recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. All eaters are welcome.

Discover how much fun plant-based eating truly is. We gave her 1 Pot Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew recipe a try at Live Healthy Appalachia and our review is below!

How did it taste?

It tasted delightful! I am a huge fan of peanut butter, and I could really taste the peanut butter and coconut in this recipe. It was very thick and creamy, and the lime that we added on top gave it a tangy taste that it needed to counter all of the creaminess.


Was it quick and easy or more time consuming and difficult?

This recipe was quick and easy to make. The only preparation I had to do was cut the onion, pepper, and garlic. For the rest of the recipe, I just added everything into the pot straight from the can!


Did you feel the need to make any changes? What were these changes?

We decided to water saute the vegetables instead of using oil to make the recipe healthier, and I did not think it took away from the flavor at all. I also did not add any extra water to the recipe, which made the stew a lot thicker and creamier.


Tips for making the recipe on your own.

There were A LOT of leftovers, so make sure to save some space in your fridge or freezer for extra! Since there was not a lot of preparation, this recipe was very easy to make on my own and I did not feel stressed over making it or timing anything correctly. There was also a lot of waiting time while the stew simmered,so it would be easy to clean up any messes made during the cooking process.


How long did it take you to make it?

With preparation, it took me about 45 minutes to make. Waiting for the stew to thicken was the longest part.


Is this a beginner, intermediate, or advanced recipe?

Intermediate: you need to know how to saute vegetables and how to simmer the stew correctly in order to make it.


Did the finished dish look like the photo on the website?

Yes, it looked exactly alike, except we did not include rice in our dishes.


Comment from others you shared the finished dish with.

I brought home a full container of it to my roommates and it was gone in seconds! One roommate rated it a 10/10, and it would have been an 11/10 if there had been cilantro and rice added to it. Another roommate said she really liked the peanut butter taste, and she recommended putting crushed peanuts on top of it. Overall, they all LOVED it and they wanted the recipe so they could make it themselves.

Best Veggie Burger

from Nora Cooks

Nora Taylor is the creator of Nora Cooks and loves creating simple, affordable, and family-friendly vegan recipes. Funnily enough, she used to hate cooking! That is, until she became vegan in 2010. She then began exploring and experimenting, discovering the joy and endless possibilities of vegan cooking. 

Meat-eaters and picky kids are sure to enjoy her recipes! 

We at Live Healthy Appalachia were blown away by her Best Veggie Burger recipe. It is true to its name: the best veggie burger we've made! Not mushy at all, which is hard to find. Give her recipe a try!

How did it taste?

We attempted to make the burgers by baking them and by cooking them on the stove top. In my opinion, the stove top ones tasted better and had a lot more flavor and moisture than the ones cooked in the oven. They both tasted great, though, and I loved the spices that we used in them. I also liked that we used shredded carrots in them because it gave it an interesting texture.


Was it quick and easy or more time consuming and difficult?

It was quick! The longest part was waiting for the rice to cook in the rice cooker, but if you use ready-to-make rice, it can be a lot quicker. Also, baking the burgers took a lot longer than cooking them on the stove, so I would recommend cooking them if you are in a rush.


Did you feel the need to make any changes? What were these changes?

We did not make any changes, but if I were to make these again, I think that I would make them a little bit spicier by adding more chili powder.


Tips for making the recipe on your own.

If you are making this for yourself or only a couple of other people, I would cut the recipe in half because this recipe made 13 burgers! I stored a couple in my fridge for later and noticed they were pretty dry after a day or two, so it is better to eat these burgers hot and fresh!


How long did it take you to make it?

Along with cooking the rice, this recipe took about an hour and a half to make. The longest part was cooking the rice and baking the burgers.


Is this a beginner, intermediate, or advanced recipe?

This is a beginner recipe. Not a lot of prior knowledge is needed to make these burgers, and most of the direction was mixing the ingredients together! The only thing to be aware of is making the egg substitute, which is flax seed and water. The mixture needs to sit for a couple of minutes before adding it to the rest of the ingredients so that it has time to form a consistency similar to an egg.


Did the finished dish look like the photo?

Yes, the burgers looked really pretty with all of the different colors from the carrots and parsley in it.


Comment from others you shared the finished dish with.

My roommates thought that the burgers were really good! They also preferred the ones that were cooked on the stove top instead of baking them. They said that they were both a little dry and could use some more flavor, possibly with more spices. One also recommended putting guacamole on top of the burgers to add a little more flavor and pizzazz!

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