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CHIP is now Pivio!

Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI) is excited to launch the next generation of CHIP. The expanded, redesigned program debuts with a new brand name.

Transforming Health, One Journey at a time

Life is complicated—and so are the factors that have led to each person’s current state of health. 

Pivio works with participants to identify lifestyle conditions that could allow disease to take root. 

Lifestyle is the cause of many common chronic diseases—and that means it can also be part of treating and even reversing them. Using methods firmly grounded in research, Pivio shifts participants away from unhealthful patterns. It steers them toward a lifestyle that makes them energetic and resilient. It creates positive, long-term change.

Every step of the way, participants are part of a community that supports them on their journey and cheers their success.

Proven to improve health

Pivio addresses the root cause of chronic disease—lifestyle choices. It is built on the foundation of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), which is scientifically proven to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease through lifestyle changes. More than 40 peer-reviewed research papers document its effectiveness. 

By changing their lifestyles, participants get healthy—and stay healthy. Four years after starting a lifestyle medicine program from LMI (Lifestyle Medicine Institute—the company that brings you Pivio), the majority continue to show improvements in biometric markers.

For many participants, the program is a turning point. It empowers them to take charge of the way they live and reclaim their health. Most find the results so transforming, they stick with it for the long term—adopting it as a way of life.  

Over 3 decades, LMI has helped tens of thousands of participants worldwide to regain health and vitality. 

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